About rohailahmad65

I have a PhD (2013) and an MA (Distinction, 2010) in Creative Writing from Brunel University. I also teach there – “Travel Writing” on the BA program and “Global Fiction” on the MA program. My MA novella jointly won the Curtis Brown Prize at Brunel, and was also longlisted for the Paris Literary Prize. One of my MA stories was shortlisted for an anthology of British Asian fiction by Tindal Street Press. My PhD novel, thesis and commentary on globalisation / child labour were well-received by the examiners. I have had articles published.

Hello world!

Hi, my name’s Rohail Ahmad. I am a PhD student at Brunel University. Please see the “About” box for more details. I will be using this blog to update the general reader about my research (which is about globalisation) and to comment on the state of the world.